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Ms. Sawyer

School Principal

This is my 10th year in education and my 9th year here at St. Patrick School! I am so excited about my 3rd year in Leadership. As the saying goes “3rd time is the charm”! I have recently completed the Lynch Leadership Academy Cohort VIII.  


I am most looking forward to fostering the best learning environment for the students in Boston!

Ms. Shamim

Administrative Secretary/

Tuition Manager

I came to St. Patrick School in 2003, after needing a change from managing a small retail store.  All three of my children have attended school here.

My favorite things include: Dunkin coffee, manicures, road trips, beaches, and Pandora's R&B station.

Ms. Jackie

School Nurse

My name is Jackeline and I am the school nurse. I graduated from Laboure College with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing as well as from University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelors of Science in Microbiology. My daughter attends St. Patrick School. During my spare time, I enjoy reading, spinning, and spending time with my family and friends. My goal this year to run a half Marathon! 

What I love most about St. Patrick School is the sense of community/fellowship once you walk through the front doors. I look forward to a healthy and fun school year!

Mrs. Bohleen

Music Teacher

Mrs. Bohleen is a skilled music teacher and has been here for 3 years.

Ms. Yvette

Gym Teacher/Tutor

Since joining St Patrick School, Ms. Yvette has consistently brought passion and dedication every single day. Her experience makes them a perfect fit as a tutor here and her energy makes her an amazing Gym Teacher!


Pre-K Teacher's Aid

I first joined the Saint Patrick School family in 2014 as a parent; after seeing how truly special and dedicated the school and staff were, I was more than excited and fortunate to not only enroll my youngest but to also join the staff myself as the Pre-K Teacher Aide.

One of my favorite things to do in the classroom is arts and crafts, and I’m sure our little ones enjoy it as well. Outside of school, I enjoy all things art, cooking, and baking. I look forward to having a very productive and fun school year!

Ms. Treasure

K0 Teacher's Aid

I became a student at St. Patrick School in kindergarten and graduated in 2014.  I love working here as the K0 Aide. I want to continue to pursue a career in Early Childhood.  I enjoy swimming and pottery making!

Ms. TC

K0 Teacher's Aid

Ms. TC was a lead teacher for St. Patrick After School Program during the 2018-2019 School year.  This year, she will be joining us as an Aid in the K0 classroom.

Ms. Rosa

K1 Teacher's Aid

I have worked for Catholic Schools since 2008 as a K1 Teacher. My first year at St. Patrick School was in 2013 as a K2 Teacher's Aide following year K0 Aide and since 2015 I have enjoyed being the K1 Teacher's Aide. I'm very excited to help with your child's learning progress as the school year begins.

Ms. Unique

K2 Teacher's Aid

My name is Unique Brown.  The kids call me Ms. Unique.  I graduated from Bay State. If I wasn’t a teacher’s assistant, I would be a licenced cosmetologist! My favorite job is being a mom! Some of my favorite things are to explore and see the world, eating African Stew (Sierra Leone), the color white, and ice skating!

Ms. Morrison

Grade 2 Teacher

Welcome incoming Second Grade Families of Saint Patrick School! I am looking forward to bringing a thoroughly enjoyed enrichment of teaching and learning this year.


My preparation to teach began decades ago after the completion of college degrees at two well-known colleges, (Emmanuel College and Lesley University) for Elementary Education and Psychology and Business Management. Following these two achievements, I attended numerous professional workshops in education since my college days.


For the most part, I enjoy reading topics on Educational Trends, and United States History.  My other favorite interests are gardening, interior design and space, visual arts of all forms, and domesticated cats!  See you all soon!

~Ms. M

Mr. Schmitt

Grade 4 Teacher

This will be my first year at St. Patrick School.  The past three years I have been teaching a self-contained 6th grade classroom.  Before teaching 6th grade, I studied elementary education at Appalachian State University. I am excited to become a part of such an incredible and welcoming community.  Most importantly, I am looking forward to having the privilege to work with the students of St. Patrick’s School.

Mrs. Frye

Grade 6 Teacher 

This year will be my twenty first year teaching in a Catholic school. My favorite subject to learn and teach students is math!  I can't wait to start our new math curriculum this year. I have been a life long resident of Boston for over 40 years.

Ms. Tanya

Lunch Services

Ms. Tanya has been at St. Patrick School since 2015.

Ms. Oatley

Guidance Counselor/City Connects

I am so excited to begin my first year at St. Patrick School as the School Counselor! I come to you from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s in Human Development & Psychology and a Master’s in Educational Psychology. I cannot wait to work with students and parents who are vested in educational success. My belief is that every child deserves a trusting relationship with an adult and a positive educational experience.

Mr. B

Art Teacher

I'm thrilled to begin my first year at St. Patrick School! 

I come from the Emmanuel College Graduating class of 2018, where I became a member of the Kappa Pi Art Honor Society and worked with some of the most talented, supportive and sincere artists that I have come to know. I'm very excited to give my students an opportunity to express themselves creatively while learning important lessons about art elements, as well as share my own experiences as a working artist.

Ms. Ciannavei

Religion Teacher

Ms. Ciannavei has been here since 2007.

Ms. Feliz

Pre-K Teacher

My name is June Feliz and this will be my first year joining St. Patrick School as a Pre-K teacher. I have nine years of experience in the early childhood field. I have an enthusiasm for teaching. I also enjoy creating fun activity in educational learning for the children. It will be a very exciting year for me to work and be part of your child's success in education.

Ms. Delali

K0 Teacher &

After School Director

I have been part of Saint Patrick school team since 2015. I am the K0 lead teacher and I have the inner joy coming to work every day because the students and I learn from each other daily while having fun at the same time.

It is amazing to see the students engaged and take over already planned lesson when they are challenged. I look forward to a new blessed and successful year with K0.

                                                                                                                                        Proverbs 22:6

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”

Ms. Castillo

K0 Teacher

This will be my first-year teaching at St. Patrick School as a Kindergarten Teacher.  I have gained five years of knowledge and experience working, learning, and teaching children of different ages from toddlers to Pre-k. One of the things I enjoy the most about teaching is making art and craft with the children. I look forward to having a very productive and fun school year.

Ms. Griffin

K1 Teacher

My Name is Lisa Griffin and I have had the privilege of being a part of St Patrick School since 1994. I’m the K1 teacher and I enjoy teaching 4yr olds.

My favorite moments are those that are natural or not planned, seeing bright smiles when learning something new, and the enthusiasm 4 yr olds bring to the classroom. “I love my job!”

Ms. Brown

K2 Teacher

Hello parents and families! My name is VaVisa Brown, known to the students as Ms. Brown.  I have worked for 25 years in the Boston Public Schools System as a paraprofessional and after school director.  I'm known for creating and inspiring healthy education for elementary school students. I thrive to implement new methods to enhance children's knowledge and develop a sense of independence.  I am excited to be teaching K2 at Saint Patrick School.

Ms. Juliet

Grade 1 Teacher

I am Juliet Hazard- Riley. I’m excited to help my students continue their educational journey and start my second year as the first grade teacher here at St. Patrick School.

Ms. Mulvaney

Grade 3 Teacher

This is my first year teaching at St. Patrick School and I will be teaching third grade. I am extremely excited to be joining this new school community and spending the year growing and learning together.

Mr. Wackerle

Grade 5 Teacher

It’s my pleasure to be part of the team at St. Patrick’s school! It will be my first year here and I’m

enthusiastic to be teaching ELA to 4 th -6 th grade. Each school day is a chance for the students to learn and thrive in their academic environment. I look forward to providing this opportunity and having the students feel comfortable and excited about their studies! In my free time, I enjoy reading, learning about different cultures, watching movies, staying active and spending time with my family. I’m eagerly anticipating a great year that will see the students make strides to achieve and go above and beyond expectations.

Mr. Q


Mr. Q has been with St. Patrick School for 15 years.

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