Uniform Policy

Proper uniforms are mandatory and NOT optional.  Students uniform will be checked daily. If a student is not in uniform parents will be responsible for bringing the correct uniform.

  • The uniform for all (Pre-K/K0) students will be as follows – Boys & Girls:

Navy blue sweat pants or shorts (weather permitting)

St. Patrick School navy blue t-shirt (long or short sleeve)

St. Patrick School navy blue sweatshirt

Sneakers or appropriate school shoes

  • Girls:   K1-4 girls wear a navy blue/hunter green plaid jumper and a yellow blouse, navy blue knee socks or tights with solid black shoes.

Navy blue button down or pull over sweaters with the school emblem may also be worn.

  • Grades 5-6 girls wear a solid navy blue skirt, a white cotton blouse with a regular collar and a navy blue sweater vest with the school emblem.  Navy blue knee socks or tights are worn with solid black shoes. Skirts must not be more than ½ “ above the knee and blouses must be tucked in at all times..  If a T-shirt is worn underneath the blouse it must be solid white with no designs.

  • All Girls:From November 1 to April 1 only navy blue dress slacks may be worn instead of the jumper. All blouses must be tucked in at all times. All girls must wear a navy blue sweater vest with the school emblem along with the pants. No jeans or jean look alike material.  Please make sure that slacks are not too tight.

For safety reasons only stud earrings or very small hoop earrings (less than ½ inch diameter) may be worn but no large jewelry of any kind is allowed.  

  • Boys:   K1 & K2 boys wear navy blue dress pants with a light blue polo shirt with the school emblem and solid black shoes.

  • Grades 1-6 boys wear navy blue dress pants with a black or navy blue belt, a white or light blue dress shirt (shirt tails must be tucked in at all times) and a solid navy blue tie (Grades 1-5) and solid black shoes.(A navy blue sweater with the school emblem (not sweatshirts) may be worn with uniforms at any time.

  • Gym Uniform for All Grades:

On Gym days (Thursdays & Fridays ) students having gym that day wear the Saint Patrick School navy blue sweat pants along with the navy blue St. Patrick School T-shirt, and sweatshirt.  All T-shirts and Sweatshirts must have the St. Patrick School emblem.  All students wear sneakers on gym day.  

NO other color T-shirts or shirts with any kind of designs or logos are allowed.          


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